We ran Act I in it's entirety tonight. Holy crap, this cast can remember things. There were only a couple places where they got lost. Sometimes I give them clues with ridiculous hand gestures... but they really got it. This stuff really sticks. And that's awesome because it all seems so completely random.

I've started up a prop list. Nothing too weird this time... although I'm going to have to throw a "Joint Rolling Party" so we can have a stash for the show. I can already tell that there's a lot of prep work that has to be done before the show and rolling the fakies will be just one more thing we'd have to do. I'll have to go get the stuff for our secret mix. And no, there is no real Mary Jane in it... Or is there...?

Okay. There isn't. But wouldn't that make for a trippy show?

I'm having some fun researching the props and making sure we're accurate with the times. Did you know the first Bic disposable lighter came out in 1973...?

I'm way excited that Ken is back and designing lights. He's a lot of fun to work with... totally trusting me and knowing that I am capable of doing things... I still have those pot leaf gobos from Appleweed, Ken!!

This show is going to be awesome. Yes. Awesome. You should come see it. I get to pick up sweaty underwear at intermission. Please come and support me... :0)

Okay. More later. I'm going to go make myself an Eggo.

Peace out,


Robin Michelle Berger said...

Just for you...I will not wear underwear. Commando all the way!!!!!

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