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I am back and hoping to keep you updated with the tech stuff for Return to the Forbidden Planet or RTTFP. A lot has happened since my last post. Hair has ended, Mike and I moved out of the city, we casted the show, we had a production meeting, I got a new job, we met the cast, and I learned that when you google my name... you can find this blog. It's pretty easy and my new employers found it... and they were probably entertained (hopefully). Well, they hired me despite my quirkiness. I guess that's a good thing.

Sitting here, typing out thoughts, I rarely think about who can actually see this blog. I just write and don't usually write for a specific audience. Reading this blog is very much like sitting in front of me, listening to me talk. I guess now, I'm much more aware that anyone can read this. Anyone who googles me will read this. So, hello to all those old friends, people wanting to know more about me, ex-boyfriends, whoever...

You are now reading my New Line Blog. About a theatre company. Here in St. Louis.

I first heard Scott mention RTTFP during Assassins last spring. While loading all those guns, a couple of us would sit and chat before the show. He started talking about this show that combined the 50's movie, Shakespeare's The Tempest, and Rock and Roll music. Initially, I thought it sounded like a mess... Like three things that should not be mixed. I found a copy of it, read it, and was truly shocked. It is absolutely amazing how well this show works.

I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare but the fakespeare that they use is refreshingly funny and pokes fun at the language. And that's awesome for all those Non-Shakespeare fans... because it's usually the moldy, fermented language that we can't stand. (...I'm sorry.)

And listening to the cast album, I feel like this show is going to hold the same type of energy as Grease did. Grease was a nonstop, fast-paced, high energy show. I felt like I was reliving high school prom each night. It was a fucking party. I think that RTTFP is going to be similar but have Sci/Fi magic instead of high school drama.

Which is going to be awesome.

I will be back at rehearsals, ironically the same week I start my new job. I'm fairly confident that I will be able to make all the rehearsals... but only time will tell if I actually get to run the show. If not, I have a couple people up my sleeve - all worthy of taking over during my unwanted time of absence. Although, not being there during the performances will sadden me.

A lot.


Stay tuned for more!


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