Water Woes Coming With Warming

Hi everybody. I apologize for my absence. I've been trying to juggle classes, rehearsals, a bridal shower, a part time job, and you know... my life. Actually, I decided that all this wasn't insane enough and decided to take on another part time job, which I was hired for yesterday...

I had to take a lie detector voice stress test. It was funny.

I cannot wait until June.

BUT, Urinetown (the musical) is coming along magically. This cast is amazing. They are picking it up and it's sticking.

Thus, I've learned lesson #1: You should cast people who are willing to do their homework.

Which you can't really do unless you've cast them before and know how they work. Hmm.

Anyway, from an observer's point of view, this is going to be one intense, awkward, fucked up musical. Parts of it will make the audience squirm with - well, I'm not going to give anything away. You'll have to come and see it.

I also had the privilege of taking some footage with Katie's camera during the rehearsal to "Snuff That Girl." I'm not a very good videographer, but I did manage to capture what it's like to sit in Hope's chair during the song. Watch out, Izzy. It's intense.

And I've been thinking a lot about this water shortage thing, especially after taking a history test last Thursday where I had to write a three page (handwritten) essay on The Great Depression.
Discuss the major causes of the Great Depression. Then describe how the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Progress Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Social Security helped Americans during the Great Depression. Lastly, explain how Americans coped during the Great Depression.

And as I was writing, I started to think about the "Great Depression" that exists during Urinetown (the musical.) What were the major causes? For my essay, I stated that it was a number of things... the stock market crash of 1929, the tax hikes, the over production of everything and the penny pinching nation who wasn't buying, the dust storms in the plains...

I try to envision what a water shortage would be like twenty years from now. There would obviously be panic stricken people who would kill for a bottle of water... (St. Louis can compare it to the reactions of people during our blackout. Jesus.) During a crisis, people freak out. So, imagine a time when you turn on your TV and the President is telling everyone, "Please be calm, we are working on a solution."

And I'm sure this wasn't some sudden crisis. I mean, people today are talking about the water problem. I watched a short clip narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, which explained how unique our water system is... okay it was really corny. But, if this guy is worried about it -

I should post that video. It's kind of stupid though.

Envision a drought that starts today. No more rain. And in twenty years, it will be Urinetown (the musical) the year 2027.

First the price of water will rise. Only the rich will be able to afford clean, pure, bottled water.
The price of anything that contains water will rise. Hell, without water, the workers in most of the factories can't do their job - so all prices rise. And the plague of unemployment begins.

People will move and set up camps around lakes and rivers. They drain those out pretty fast.
Those who still have some money will move to Alaska and Switzerland... they still have some water... right?

Meanwhile, in order to save our country, the president puts out the WPA (water preservation act) and the PHA (Public Health Act), obviously copying off of President Roosevelt's solution to his depression (TVA, CCC, WPA... sound familiar?)

President whoever (hopefully not a descendant of Bush) hires scientists to do research to help save the dehydrated and dying nation. They come up with the bare minimum amount of water that one can have daily to survive. The WPA will put a stop to the hoarding of water and the many who have started fires on the coasts, trying to boil the salt out of their supply. The WPA controls the water supply of the country.

The PHA was enacted to provide a safe way to recycle this water. Because of the drought, we can no longer depend on the cycle of rain to help recycle our water. So, anytime somebody goes in the bushes water is wasted. What goes in must come out and be recycled and accounted for. So, a company (formally known as the Walmart corporation) takes control of this task and builds public amenities all over the country.

And the Urine Good Company now controls the lawmakers and the law enforcement.

Then the show begins...

That's all I have for now. I hope to post more soon (or Scott will beat me.)

Well, back to work. The morning rush is on...

Droughts can make people go insane!

I'm glad this guy isn't my neighbor...

So, we had our very first rehearsal yesterday. I actually started this post last night and didn't finish it... Then I realized today that everyone else has started blogging. I'm such a fucking procrastinator.

But, before I get into that - let me introduce myself. I'm Trisha. I am 22 years old. I go to Fontbonne University where I will be graduating in the fall. I have blogged before on my myspace page, but I don't think anyone ever reads those posts. I'm kind of nervous because I think people will actually read this thing. Hmm. I'll try to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (Does this thing have spell check?... ... ... Oh good.)

And I ramble quite a lot... and go into many different tangents, which kind of makes me think I have ADD, but maybe that's just how I was raised.

You'll have to bear with me.

And Katie's blog is so awesome! So, if I disappoint you - go check out Katie's blog.

Anyway, I go to Fontbonne University (or as I call it, FU) and I've taken practically every theatre class that they offer. So, I was running out of things to take for credit and I saw that we can get credit interning with a theatre company... Thank god.

I was introduced to New Line as an audience member... I met their oh-so-talented-and-bad-ass-looking guitar player while stage managing Fontbonne's Batboy. Sparks flew, I brought home the guitar player, and then I realized that he wasn't as "bad ass" as I thought he was... He turned out to be a real big nerd. Funny, cuz I'm a really big nerd too... So, yeah.

Ironically, I was supposed to come see New Line's first Batboy because my substitute teacher was in it. I believe she said, "You should totally come see this awesome musical I'm in..." And I was totally going to go. Unfortunately, I had to assistant stage manage my high school show.

SO. My first experience with New Line was with The Robber Bridegroom. I LOVED IT. I nearly peed my pants watching it. I can still remember Jeffrey Pruett wandering through the house getting attacked by forest animals. I didn't even know squirrels could hiss! Wow. It was so fucking hilarious.

And meanwhile, I'm trying to get a degree and wondering where I fit in with this so-called-major of mine. I've always had a blast working on the technical side in theatre. It was high school where I got my taste for directing. I took a directing class and became addicted. My senior year, I directed The Great Pandemonium with my friend and we won "Best Directors".

But, that shit doesn't count. It's high school.

I'm not sure what I was thinking going to college for a performing arts degree. I mean, how the fuck am I supposed to make a living on that?

That's why I answer 911 calls. It's a really crappy job but, I rock at it, I'm in high demand, and it pays the bills.

See. I'm rambling.

Ok. So, then I kept going to see the New Line shows because a.) It was different. b.) It was shocking c.) It rocked. And d.) My boyfriend was the guitarist... duh.

And like a year goes by and then THEY NEED A LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR.

Hells yeah.

I brush up on my lighting technician skills. Get over my fear of a fifteen foot ladder. And try and do the best damn job I can.

I do this for a couple more shows and even get promoted to "food wrangler".

And I have never EVER worked for a company whose members got along so well. Any time I would do a show with a couple of the other companies that I worked for - I'm just not going to mention any names - there were always idiots who would treat the techies like dirt or the techies would fuck up the show to get back at the actors. Then you had actors that refused to work with other actors and things not getting done in time which would make the actors pissy... it was a fucking mess. Scott Miller must hold some kind of secret that makes everyone play together so well. Wait, could it be the - weed?

Anyway, by watching New Line's shows, I realized the type of theatre I want to do. I want to shock the audience. I want to make the audience think. I want to offend them. This is what New Line does. And I need to learn how.

As for the musical theatre part, it's been a long time since I've been involved non-technically. I've taken musical theatre classes a long, long, time ago. I don't have a beautiful voice - the only time you'll hear me sing is for my playstation 2 game Karaoke Revolution (which I really want to see what trained professionals think of it - I'll have to bring it to a cast party or something). I love musicals, especially rock musicals. I was exposed to Rent when I was twelve - pretty early to be exposed to Rent, but whatever. This is my favorite. I will direct it someday. It actually hit me on a much deeper level because it was around that time that my Mom had cancer. So, the lesson is to live each day as it was your last and I abide by that.

Annnnnnnnnnyway. So, that's where it puts me. I'm here to learn.

Hopefully, Scott will give me a good grade.

More later!

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