It's really coming along.

Everyone in the cast has decided on their tribe names. All are very unique...

For my name, I chose Blackout. I wanted to pick something to stick with the technical side of the show since I am one of the two techies that will be running the show.

A blackout (in theatrical terms) is when all the lights go out. The theater gets pitch black and you can't see a damn thing. When you work at New Line, there is rarely a blackout. Scott hates them. And with good reason. I think that they are often overused and totally disrupt the world, tempo, feel of the show. At New Line, the blackout has a purpose. It's rare. And it stands out.

Also, and I thought of this the other week when our entire building didn't have power one night, during a power outage... you tend to appreciate things that you normally didn't give a rat's ass about. You start to miss the A/C, the TV, the radio, the lights in the hallway. Your life gets a little more simple because you have to sit in silence and surround yourself with candles. It forces you to escape the noisy, complicated world and just embrace what you do have. I like that. And I think we should do that more often...

And lastly, a blackout (either a communication blackout or lighting blackout) was a wartime strategy. It was a deliberate cut in either light or radio communication (or both) to basically hide from the enemy. To me this shows that war was not just about killing the enemy but also how the enemy is also after you. That war isn't just about rage, power, control and just charging at the enemy... but it also contained much fear. Purposely hiding just so you can survive... I don't know... to me that's way more scary than charging at them.

Anyway, today or tomorrow, I'm going down to the loop to pick out some incense and go to the smoke shop. Todd is having a "build-in" and paint day, this weekend - which will be tons of fun... for me at least... being the tomboy that I am. I'm typing up the prop list and sending it on it's way to Scott who will pass it on to our lovely props lady, Miss Vicky.

But the show is really looking good. They gave me chills yesterday running Act II. It's going to be A M A Z I N G.

More later,


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