After this entire mess, (and the Catholic church took a look at our video and said, "Ooooooh. It's like ... that? And... anyone can come in...? Nevermind," and sheepishly smiled and disappeared.) the show officially opened yesterday.

Leaving us with the hounding media.

I guess we've really defined our title "Bad Boys of Musical Theatre."

I REALLY could have used that preview night to run the show another time - seeing as this was only the THIRD time to run the lights for this entire run... Hey thanks, Burke.

But, in all sincerity, it was a great show last night.

Words can't even describe how relieved I am.

Well, that's it. Come see the show that the archbishop didn't want you to see!!! :0)


(S)He had gone to the tower
to save us all.

And for our part...

...we could do nothing but wait.

- Moulin Rouge

I think I've had a little time to think about this situation. And we are all at the point of being amused by it.

Of course, I've just got back from our traditional Thursday Tuckers Trip. And I had myself a couple drinks...

Ok. Maybe I'm still freaking out a little because I've just watched the little video cast on

It's kind of flattering to be the top news story. Free publicity rocks. Thank you.

But, you know I'm going to have to rant. So, you can read my rant or just do whatever you want... I don't care.

Here we go:

The building is NOT a church anymore. It was sold to some nice folks who decided to turn it into a beautiful theater. It is a beautiful theater. We have gone through HELL to get the beautiful theater. God has moved out. His friends are still painted on the wall and they are behind a curtain. It's a theater now... not a church. We do not perform the sacraments, we do not do witch craft, we do not dance topless around poles while men pull out dollar bills.

This is a theater.

Art is created here.

It is not pornography. It is not a burlesque show.

It's true that New Line is a company that deals with adult issues. THAT'S what they have a problem with - Our "adult content."

... Or the fact that they think "adult content" means it's restricted to adults only. Give me a break.

You can bring you're five year old. But, he will be extremely bored and probably disrupt the audience members around him and then giggle when we mention the word "penis."

I'm catholic. (or used to be... I'm not so sure anymore.) But, this is just ridiculous. Really, it is.

Nobody even knows the content of the show. The only people who know are the people directly involved in this production. The archbishop has not come to any of our rehearsals. So, why does he think he can shut down a show when he doesn't even know what's in it...?

Oh. It MUST be the title. A phrase that has been used since... what... the sixties?

The truth. I've been apart of this show since the first damn rehearsal. It's a brilliant show. Scott, using his super musical genius power, took songs from various musicals... some very popular... some you probably have never heard of. And he created somewhat of a plot involving various couples. The songs are taken out of their original context, but he has magically melded them together into a show that will force the audience to think about some pressing issues.


So, yes. There are songs about homosexually, adultery, drugs, porn. If you don't care to explore these topics with us - stay home. The show itself is not a huge porn flick. We want the audience to explore them with us - realize that these issues exist, not be afraid to discuss them or hide them. Accept the fact that this is what is going on beyond your living room.

We don't put an age limit on any of our shows. So, bring the kids if you want them to be exposed to all this... It's your discretion.

Ok. Excuse my A.D.D. way of thinking... you ever go to any art museum and see the picture of a naked woman?

Well, the art museum is opened to the public. You can bring your five year old to the art museum... but, you make the choice of exposing him to the oil painting of a penis...

So, why isn't that considered porn? Why isn't that considered to be inappropriate? Oh. Because it's a painting? Because it's ART?

Yeah. Well, we're creating art too. Except our paintings are on stage and alive.

... I guess it all comes down to the fact that it's an ex-church. Whatever. They don't own it anymore.

There are so many people excited about this theater being built. There are so many people supporting us... The girl in Fox's video, waving our program... you rock... Everyone standing out there rocks. Anyone who wanted to come see our show rocks.

We love all of you and we hope we can put on this show for you.

So. There is a hearing tomorrow at 1pm. Our humble director is going to go and defend us in a court of law.

God bless that man. Really. He is fucking awesome.

So, pray, pray, pray, for us. Yes, Catholics... you pray for us too.

I really want to go on with the show.

Signing off -

The Stage manager
(of an unbelievably awesome and fantastic show that you should all come see if we still get to do it.)

P.S. I love how in the video you can hear the show going on. Well, it's a chipper little song about STDs. So. Ha.

So, I thought our lovely readers would like an update...

The theater is finished and beautiful. It's exactly what we wanted. We are all done with all the tech stuff and we're ready to open.

Wow. That tastes really good, doesn't it?

That must be the extreme sugarcoating... I'm sorry, but you all have diabetes now.

Ok. Things have been a little hectic lately. (This would explain why all the bloggers have mysteriously disappeared.) When I last posted, we had put off moving into the theater for a week for many tiny reasons.

Well, the theater wasn't finished.

It still isn't finished.

It was supposed to be finished on the 9th.

And we're starting to worry a little bit.

Okay, not a little bit.

Scott probably has five hundred ulcers. Anyone who puts on a show knows how stressful the last couple weeks can get. Ok, well take that stress and add on the fact that we're rehearsing under extreme conditions and that we get new surprises every time we enter the theater.

-Like the wall of boxes left in front of the stage... and that is tiny compared to all the other shit we've had to deal with.

I'm not sure how the man is sane.

But, the cast keeps going and they're putting on a great show. Just having the bed there to play on has done so much for the first act. They keep giving all that they've got. You couldn't ask for a better cast. It's going to be an amazing show.

I just hope the theater is finished by opening night. :0)

(Trying to be optimistic)

So, we were going to move today... But, for many tiny reasons, Scott decided it would be best to wait until next week. This gives the Ivory people time to finish up. And actually works better for me - I'm stuck working until 7am.

And works better for Lawson. You better be there on Sunday, biatch. There's no excuse, now.

Somebody go crash that boy's birthday party tonight! I think he may be at the Chuck E. Cheese. He's the kid looking up the chicken's skirt... if she still wears a skirt... I'm not really sure.


For you my friend...

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting in... almost three weeks. In the time that has passed - I have become involved in rehearsals. My duties include: helping set up/clean up stuff, take very specific blocking notes for whoever needs them, taking notes on other stuff... like props and... (well, if I tell you what I'm making tomorrow, it might spoil some things that happen during Act II... I'm not even sure if it should be a big surprise... hum...), OH! and providing the cast with the appropriate food. (Those drug trip scenes sure make them crave cheese popcorn and starbursts...)

As far as memorization goes, it's all lyrics. I can't feed them lines. They just have to learn their music. And they've been doing really good. "Sexually Free" was the only song that was pretty rough. They sounded something like this:

"Then we'd be free, sexually free!
Free to let eanoam mum na mum dun manum
Andnan a h labum na mum...
Free! Sexually free!
Free to calala hum nala faula lanum
If la nel onanama one mumna elt!
Free! Sexually free!
Free to folllla lolds tho blah lalala munmana elt.
See what it is to be satisfied and unfrustrated,
Free and at liberty to be loved and stimulated
Be unashamedly, sexually liberated..."

It was hilarious. You guys make for some great entertainment.

Meanwhile, I'm taking down meticulous blocking notes.

Usually it's the ol "so and so" X SR
"so and so" X DSC
"so and so" picks up telephone

Not in this show...

Some of my blocking:

All, circle bed clockwise "Disney march" (this is while they are singing about STD's)
Nick gives A1 a brownie
Nick passes joints around
All, form tight clump
Tight clump becomes an "organism" - fluid, slow movements
All, stand, reach for colors
Touch the colors
Isabel gives audience member a lap dance.

Whoops. That one is supposed to be a secret.

That would be fun though... It would also be fun to add "Tripp takes A2's innocence" during "Perky Little Porn Star"

Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks this is funny... Please don't let this stop you from coming to see this show... nobody is going to rape Lawson and Isabel will only give you a lap dance if you pay her...

But, it's been fun. I'll try to post more often.

Peace out,
Scott to the cast during "Morphine Tango" (who is supposed to be a "living organism" and constantly moving arms, legs, etc.)

Scott: Okay, you have to be constantly moving... Right now, it looks like you are waiting for a bus.

Korinko: It's the Morphine bus.

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