So. I'm a big nerd and I've hijaked Scott's computer to blog...

And he used to nag me about not updating. Hah.

Yesterdays confession was a little too obscene to post online. I'm pretty sure it would get me kicked off of blogspot. But tonight's post (as obscene as it is) is post worthy:

So Zak, when you and Elmer 69, do you use crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Caril

Zak said crunchy... his dog needs his protein. Ugh.

And for the record, Taylor would like to let all you know that she is not a terrible person. Really. She isn't.

One week done, three more to go. Phil was fucking intense tonight and it was awesome but really creepy.

I'm kind of scared of Phil as Charlie. It's the same fear I had of Korinko in Assassins and Zak, well, all the time.

Kidding. I'm gonna get back to the party and eat more of the huge pizza that I brought. It was so big, it couldn't fit in the door.

Oh and Scott, your computer automatically logged you in on blogspot. I totally could have posted something obscene under your name... but I didn't.

Until next week,


Just a quick little update before I get back to some paperwork at work...

Preview tonight!

Our last tech rehearsal went fairly well. Phil somehow found a way to mute his microphone halfway through the show and then "escaped" from his cell and ran up to the booth where Matt fixed him.

And a bottle was not preset. Whoops.

But other than that, it went really smooth and I'd say we're ready to have some audience!

And Taylor's confession for the night:

"Manhandler is a 15 inch dildo with a handle. Looks like a sword. Zak can take it. Caril"

And now that I think about it, every person in the cast has to read this on stage. That's hilarious.

Alright back to work.


We only have one more day until our preview and things are feeling very good. We've added all elements now and the cast has adjusted beautifully. The band sounds fantastic and the music is getting tighter and tighter every night. It's amazing.
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I've started to run the board. (No more line notes!) Rock musicals are always so much fun to run. The cues feel different. It's more... and I know I keep saying this about this show... but it feels like there is more emotion behind them. In this show especially, we're going from different locations and the timing with the music - it just looks pretty.

I've started my midnights shifts (Thanks to the coworkers who have switched me so that I was able to do the show) and my body has miraculously gotten used to the night schedule. I have a lot more energy for the show now, which is great. This is probably because I get to sleep as long as I want without waking up with an alarm clock and by the time I get to the theatre I'm all refreshed. I love being nocturnal.

But everything has come together. I've screwed up a couple times during the past couple runs but they're the kind of screw ups that you make once and never make again. And isn't that the point of tech rehearsals? One time, a cue was written to go after Zak's song was over... and when it was executed, the lights changed, leaving Zak in complete darkness to say, "It's time."

Giggling ensued.

This is one crazy cast. Since the beginning, they've tried everything to make each other crack up. The following are confessions (the typed up confession that Merle gives Charlie to have him sign) written by cast members and then given to Phil who has to read it (to himself) during a scene:

"I the undersigned, do admit to flagrant biting of childrens' buttocks. I furthermore did pinch the taints of a passing circus performer and his monkey, Ruprecht. While eating a penis-shaped cake on a roller coaster. And I raped a dog, but she wanted it so bad. C. Starkweather"

"I, the undersigned, totally love George Michael. I am gay for his hairy, British nads. Also, I love Judge Judy. She is the woman I wish I could be. I want a black robe with a doily around the collar. Sincerely gaily, Chuck"

Now, those are just the rehearsal confessions. Unfortunately for the run, we've typed up a fake confession for Charlie to look at every night. And it's nothing obscene or funny... Well, it might be. Scott typed it up.

And then every night, Caril has to write her confession. With her permission, I get to post these as well:

"Dear Merle, Gertrude told me she fakes it every time. Ouch. Caril"

"When I was small, I thought condoms were made out of tire rubber. Think about it. Caril"

"Did you see when I fell backwards into my cot? I feel drunk. That is all. Caril"

"Lipstick is red, it comes in a tube, Gertrude pegs Merle, without any lube, cuz we lesbians! Caril" (Although, I think it originally said "me" and not Merle)

God, I love this cast. Stay tuned for more.

And seriously. Come see this show.


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We only have a couple weeks left and the show is really starting to take shape. Mike has started to join us, playing along with Scott. The keyboard, even with the guitar patch, still sounds like a keyboard... To me, at least.
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Mike and I were talking about the difference of the two instruments. The keyboard is so final... It's beautiful but you hit the key and then hit another key. The guitar is a much more flowing instrument. You strum. It's very emotional.

I'm not sure how else to explain it. I feel so scattered right now. Lot's of stuff going on.

I'm trying to get props together. I need to do this soon but lately I feel like I haven't had a minute to think.

I've started the first wave of line notes. The actors took them and corrected a majority of them. I can't tell if I hate line notes or love them. Maybe it's more of a love hate thing...

Anyway, I have to get going. This post wasn't as long or as profound as I wanted it to be. Ah, well. Maybe next time.


We've started to run the show in full now. Blocking is all done. The show is done in one act with no intermission so rehearsals have been moving pretty quickly.
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One thing I have noticed with the smaller cast is that they often forget some of their blocking... Not a big deal (yet). And I think it's because there are only four of them and rarely is there a scene with all four of them. I think when you have a bigger cast, the actors are able to play off each other more, it's easier to remember what to do.

The blocking for this show is so intimate and although Scott has set specific blocking in some places, a lot of it is constantly changing as the actors tweak themselves and get a better understanding of everything going on around them.

This cast is doing amazing with lines. I'm not sure if it's the style or structure of the script or maybe that they are working their asses off when they aren't at rehearsals but their dedication is really showing.

Maybe it's just that they are all working so hard to get it memorized so that they can start to dive deeper into the scripts emotions. A difficult journey they all have started on. I already know this is going to be one powerful show.

I'm just speculating... I'm the stage manager. I've been observing. :0)

I haven't touched the props list yet. All I've done is think about them; maybe a little research online.

I had to update since Scott sent me a not-so-subliminal, friendly, message asking how I was but had worked in the word "blog" between every sentence. It was hilarious.

And so, I have updated. More later!


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So, we've begun blocking. And damn does this script hold a lot more than I thought it did! With every scene, Scott's able to lay down some blocking and because there are so few actors - we don't really have to spend much time giving them their blocking. Things are moving really quickly and this gives them lots and lots of time to really dissect the scene.

It's an amazing process to watch. And it's so cool to discover things that you didn't know were there.

Anyway, we're continuing blocking this week. I'm starting to think about props. There aren't that many for this show but some of them are going to require a bit of homework.

That's all I got for now. Promise I'll post more later.

Back to work I go.


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So, I promised that I would update more often. And I'm thinking I need to stick to that promise seeing that Scott and I are the only people blogging for this awesome, new show...

I'm super excited to be working on a new piece of theatre. It isn't often when something like this falls into your lap.

Scott gave me a copy of the recording nearly a year ago. I took it home and fell in love with it. This is the type of music I listen to daily. The songs all take on different styles and continued to amaze me. The guitar is such a powerful, emotional instrument.

I'm excited for several different reasons. First of all, I do not know anything about Charlie and Caril and their story. All I know is what I gathered from the script. I want to learn more about this duo. This show plays with the idea of why they did it. It creates a back story for this horrible event in history. I want to know more.

Five days a week, I work in a police department and I watch the security cameras for the cells. The environment where the majority of this show takes place is a very real thing for me. I have never been to prison but I deal with prisoners on a daily basis. I know how cold it is back there, how bored they get, how being in this small room makes some people flip out. Just last week, one guy climbed to the top of his bunk and started to kick the ceiling. When I asked him what his problem was over the intercom, he responded with, "I need a bible!"

After being with a show for such a long time, I begin to deeply analyze the characters. I did this with the kids in Spelling Bee and I think that I will start to do this with Charlie and Caril's relationship. There's a lot to be understood. Why did they do it? Was he in control? Why did she stay? Was it love?

I'm also very excited to be working with such a small cast. Allison is amazing on stage, so sincere and genuine. I cannot wait to see Zak in a serious role. I thought Phil was amazing in Forbidden Planet and I'm excited to work with him... And I think Taylor may have taught me a tap lesson or two when she was filling in for Robin... back when I could fit things like that into my schedule.

An excellent cast... Can't wait to see them in action.

And even though I am going to truly miss Petersen, our conductor/keyboardist, I'm excited for this small trio (Mike, Dave, and Schurk). Mike will have to step into Petersen's shoes and become involved in the show much earlier than he has in the past and I think that it's going to be a very good thing for him.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'm so freaking tired and ready to go home (I'm at work and it is Q _ _ _ T. (I don't dare say the word in fear of waking up the city)

Oops! I still have to enter a towed vehicle... Back to work I go.

Goodnight, everybody!


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