So. I'm a big nerd and I've hijaked Scott's computer to blog...

And he used to nag me about not updating. Hah.

Yesterdays confession was a little too obscene to post online. I'm pretty sure it would get me kicked off of blogspot. But tonight's post (as obscene as it is) is post worthy:

So Zak, when you and Elmer 69, do you use crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Caril

Zak said crunchy... his dog needs his protein. Ugh.

And for the record, Taylor would like to let all you know that she is not a terrible person. Really. She isn't.

One week done, three more to go. Phil was fucking intense tonight and it was awesome but really creepy.

I'm kind of scared of Phil as Charlie. It's the same fear I had of Korinko in Assassins and Zak, well, all the time.

Kidding. I'm gonna get back to the party and eat more of the huge pizza that I brought. It was so big, it couldn't fit in the door.

Oh and Scott, your computer automatically logged you in on blogspot. I totally could have posted something obscene under your name... but I didn't.

Until next week,


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