It's amazing how normally we would be one week from closing week... and we still plenty of time left. I haven't grown sick of Hair yet and I'm pretty sure I won't. I still see new things every night that amuse me, make me think... there are things that I understand better - like the plot, the characters... It's such an amazing experience.

I'm almost running the show without my prompt book. I know by the end of the run I'll be able to run the show without even opening it up.

I almost posted last week about my little break down at work Sunday night. I think Hair has opened my eyes to see the anger and hatred all around me. It sickens me how humans have no respect for other humans. I won't get into a huge rant... but it did make me feel better getting it all out on to paper. Maybe I could burn it or something.

Mom's coming to see the show on Friday. She's came to a couple of our shows... Superstar, Grease, High Fidelity. She LOVED High Fidelity. I'm pretty sure she won't understand this one and she'll probably be asking Dennis a load of questions through the entire thing... But I know she'll think it was amazing. This is the woman who took me to see Rent when I was fourteen and taught me all the cuss words I know. I love you, Mom!

I thought I had more stuff to say. I guess that's it. I'll return in a few... maybe.... probably.

Peace and love!

I apologize for not updating in quite some time. Hell week consumed the majority of my time... as well as picking up some extra shifts at work. BUT Hair is now opened and I've had three days off of work... so I'm feeling quite wonderful.

Everything about the show is very ritualistic. I have a ritual, the tribe has a ritual... It's very comforting. I get there around six o'clock (give or take) and I start my ritual. I think it'd be pretty boring to walk through details...

The hardest part for me is to not get into the world of the show. Mattman (my booth brother) agrees with me. We both find it extremely difficult to not get sucked into the show and totally forget about our cues. I haven't let that happen yet... I've been pretty good... but it's damn hard.

The show is pretty intense. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. It really is an experience. And I'm so happy that I get to help make it happen.

I'll be back soon.

Peace and Love,

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