So we all gathered yesterday to lay down some color. TLove brought some awesome donuts and Todd brought some... inspiration.

We all picked a piece of the floor to work on - that way it would look consistent... or as consistent as hippie art can be. I'm not sure why I went straight to the earth. I drew it out last week and was quite embarrassed by my lack of knowledge for geography. Saudi Arabia is definitely not in the correct place but... whatever. The altar will cover most of Africa, anyway.

So. For some reason, I went back to my earth on the floor and decided to tackle the color on it. O.M.G. It took forever. I went home looking like a smurf from leaning all over the blue paint but it looks really cool so far. I'll have to finish it later.

But everyone did such a great job with the paint. Even Scott picked up a paintbrush... Sparger brought Little Sparger and he was painting out some really cool planets for us. I had forgotten what the planets even look like (besides the huge earth I was painting...) but this little guy knew exactly what color and texture they were... I think we have a Jupiter and Mars... maybe a Neptune. I don't think Pluto made the cut. He is, afterall, no longer a planet.

Afterwards, they all gathered at Todd's for BBQ and swimming. I had to go home and take a nap cuz I had to work midnights. (Yeah. Lame. I know.)

Days before that, I met with Ken to help him with some of the lighting stuff. We are spending more on bringing in our own dimmer system than renting lights... which sucks. But I cannot believe how we are just creating this entire dimmer system so we can have a digital board. Hopefully it works and I won't have to run the show on the ancient two scene board that they have now. The ladder we bought is kind of creepy... cuz it's an extension ladder and bounces a bit. It will take some getting used to. The minute a lamp goes out, I'll climb up it with no problem...

Um Ummm Um. What else? Line notes start on Monday. I'm sure the cast simply cannot wait until I start harassing them about things they mess up.

I went down to the Loop the other day. Bought some incense cones and rolling paper from Sunshine Daydream and left them tons of postcards on the window sill. Then I walked down to the smoke shop and bought all our stuff to make the joints. Cost us about $120 for the entire trip... which is a lot of money... but I bought enough stuff to make about 350 - 400 fake joints. The hippy guy at the smoke shop said to use tea bags for the fake pot. I tried it when I got home... doesn't work man. It just doesn't work. I felt like I was smoking sand.

But I put the mix together... mostly. I had to get some different brands (they didn't carry a type of shwag that we use) but it will work out fine. Maybe if I get the apartment cleaned up I'll have everyone over on Thursday to help roll out some fatties.

And that's what I've been up too. I've been unable to sleep today and I've been making more love beads, which are not technically love beads because they are way too freaking big to be actual love beads... Maybe I'll glaze them tonight while at work. "Emergency 911, uh... hold on... I have Sculpey Glaze dripping down my arm..."

That's all I have for now. I'm so proud of the cast. You guys rock.

Peace and Love,


Robin Michelle Berger said...

You did a great job. Mother Earth is proud!

PS: Poor Pluto...I always thought he was the cutest little planet.

Dauna said...

Uh, sculpie glaze on the table and the floor... shame on you Trish. I still scrape it off when I'm at second station. Sigh.

Nikki Glenn said...

Trish, you are AWESOME! Thanks for everything you do -- know that you are appreciated!!!

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