We've started to run the show in full now. Blocking is all done. The show is done in one act with no intermission so rehearsals have been moving pretty quickly.
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One thing I have noticed with the smaller cast is that they often forget some of their blocking... Not a big deal (yet). And I think it's because there are only four of them and rarely is there a scene with all four of them. I think when you have a bigger cast, the actors are able to play off each other more, it's easier to remember what to do.

The blocking for this show is so intimate and although Scott has set specific blocking in some places, a lot of it is constantly changing as the actors tweak themselves and get a better understanding of everything going on around them.

This cast is doing amazing with lines. I'm not sure if it's the style or structure of the script or maybe that they are working their asses off when they aren't at rehearsals but their dedication is really showing.

Maybe it's just that they are all working so hard to get it memorized so that they can start to dive deeper into the scripts emotions. A difficult journey they all have started on. I already know this is going to be one powerful show.

I'm just speculating... I'm the stage manager. I've been observing. :0)

I haven't touched the props list yet. All I've done is think about them; maybe a little research online.

I had to update since Scott sent me a not-so-subliminal, friendly, message asking how I was but had worked in the word "blog" between every sentence. It was hilarious.

And so, I have updated. More later!


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Taylor said...

haha, yes, I do have trouble, especially with that opening blocking, but I think I'll have it by next rehearsal. Now if I can just plant my feet...

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