We only have a couple weeks left and the show is really starting to take shape. Mike has started to join us, playing along with Scott. The keyboard, even with the guitar patch, still sounds like a keyboard... To me, at least.
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Mike and I were talking about the difference of the two instruments. The keyboard is so final... It's beautiful but you hit the key and then hit another key. The guitar is a much more flowing instrument. You strum. It's very emotional.

I'm not sure how else to explain it. I feel so scattered right now. Lot's of stuff going on.

I'm trying to get props together. I need to do this soon but lately I feel like I haven't had a minute to think.

I've started the first wave of line notes. The actors took them and corrected a majority of them. I can't tell if I hate line notes or love them. Maybe it's more of a love hate thing...

Anyway, I have to get going. This post wasn't as long or as profound as I wanted it to be. Ah, well. Maybe next time.



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