Hello to all,

First of all, I apologize if this blog is totally random and has no organization to it... I haven't been to sleep since... 8am yesterday. But, I am blogging from the computer of the better of my two jobs (the one that has internet access and is much more laid back than the other one...). In fact, I wanted more than anything to be hit by a car on my way to the horrible midnight job last night. Not a terrible, serious accident... just one good enough to not go to work... but it didn't happen.

Damn it.

I think I might take a "mental health day" tonight. But, sssshhh. Don't tell them that.

Urinetown (the musical) gets better everytime I watch it. I'm done with the line note thing... since it's too dark to be following along with the script. I sent out line notes like, two or three times I think, some times sending them right before the rehearsal (literally, right before the rehearsal). But, the thing with line notes is that they really are beneficial to the cast - However, they took me like 2 hours to type up and send them. Mainly because I would get distracted being on the computer... you know how that is.

Last night, I watched the show from the second row. And boy - was it a different experience. I'm not going to spoil any surprises, but I learned that just by my location - I saw things I hadn't before and heard things I didn't know were there. And isn't that how a New Line show should be?

I can't believe there is only one more run left until we open.

And the cast has much confidence in what they are doing. One of the main things Scott has been telling them is to have fun.

And fun they shall have... mwuhahaha.

:::sips from her 16oz of burn2 and lays her head down for a 5 minute nap:::


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