So... I'm kinda bored and was reading everyone else's blog.

I don't think I have much to add - other than I am so lucky to be able to watch this show night after night after night.

I am so lucky to be apart of this show... even if it was mostly as an observer - still so extremely lucky.

Jeff Pruett came up to me yesterday and asked, "Are you sick of watching us yet?"

Absolutely not. And this is why...

Every time I watch this show, there is something new that I see that I didn't see before. After watching it so many times, you also notice how the writers snuck in repeat jokes - something you wouldn't normally notice first time around.

The audience seems to receive the show well - although we wouldn't know since many of them don't really catch on to the style of the show until the act I finale... (still my favorite scene above all).

I've been telling everyone I know to come see the show. I've posted the event on myspace and was happy to see a couple other people pass the bulletin on.

After three great reviews, proof that you SHOULD come see this show, the cast has much confidence in what they are doing. Those who have seen the show say that the back risers are the best place to sit... However, it is also the place that is least engaging. So, sit in the back of the house if you MUST watch everything... or become apart of the show by sitting on the floor. The choice is up to you.

You will get a different show from each location. (I've said this before.)

So hell, come more than once. It's totally worth it.

Am I selling this yet?

It's a brilliant show! Directed by a brilliant director! With a brilliant cast!

...and I helped... sort of. :0)

More later!
- Trish

P.S. And of course, big congratulations goes out to NICK AND AMY!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YEAH!


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