Holy Christ!

I apologize for not posting in... forever. Still trying to juggle two part time jobs, classes (one more day to go!), my brother's freakin' wedding, and this wonderful, wonderful internship.

And it really has been wonderful, seriously.

I've learned more just sitting there soaking this up than in most of the classes I've taken.

I'm so burnt out on school right now... it's ridiculous. I'm so sick of getting to rehearsal late and ... yeah. I just want it to be over.

Classes... not rehearsals. (Thought I should clarify that.)

BUT, Urinetown. OMG. I tell everyone I see that they HAVE to come see this show. It's going to be excellent. The cast is working so hard. They are leaving rehearsals and coming back even better. In fact, I made a bunch of line notes from the last time we ran Act I and never sent them - I was going to send them... I typed them out on my laptop and had it all ready to go. But, then I left my laptop at my brother's house and didn't get it back until three days later. By that time, the cast had moved on and well, the notes would have been useless. So, last night (the first full run through ever and the first time they got to use the art loft) I spent most the time erasing the old note marks (and making a couple new ones - which I will email immediately after I'm done blogging.)

But, I feel for the cast. I really do. They are so out of breath after ... what was it... "Run, Freedom, Run"? They're trying really hard. Their work is going to pay off big time.

Meanwhile, Seth the lighting designer has joined the picture and has some really good ideas... which is cool because now I have someone to hang out with while Scott is doing his piano/directing thing and the cast is ... you know... acting.

Which is another thing! Scott Miller is the best multi-tasker is the entire universe.

And the set is up! It's a monster... but has some really great features. This whole show is full of surprises. It's fucking awesome.

So, yeah.

Come see the show and you'll see what I'm raving about.

I'll be back... soon. I promise!


Kella said...

I'll come see the show this week or next, for sure! Hope all is well with you. Take care, Kella

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