You thought it was over??

Oh no, my friend. THIS is not over.

What is your favorite song from High Fidelity??

I have a three way tie.

"Number Five With a Bullet" sounds so great with the guitars (and did I mention that I'm engaged to the hot blonde on guitar?) and Kimi rocks.

"She Goes" I've always been a huge Aretha fan and Nikki does it right. She is spot on.

"Nine Percent Chance" - I love the lyrics. They're hilarious and pitiful and yet, Rob (and Barry and Dick) think of the percentages, small as they might be, as such a positive thing. It's funny.

I also LOVE "Laura, Laura" and the "Conflict Resolution." And the first and last numbers... Dammit. This show is just full of great music. I can't choose.

I screwed up my round 5. I lose.

Can you choose a favorite?


Nikki Glenn said...

Mine is definitely "9%"! It is just so optimistic and I love seeing the boys do it. It gets better and better every time. A close second is "Number Five" just because we get to beat Jeff up, which is really more fun than it oughta be ;) Love ya, Jeff!

Scott Miller said...

My favorite song, hands down, is "Last Real Record Store on Earth" -- for some reason I really connect to that song (maybe it's the "business that has zero growth potential"...?). Sometimes in the car I'll play it 2 or 3 times in a row!

Anonymous said...

Ready To Settle. :)

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