So our preview went very well last night.

There were only two light cues that I screwed up on.

We had some mic issues last night. Really weird. They were working... only sometimes... and would come in and out. Then we couldn't hear Zak.

Steve fixed Zak at intermission and it turns out that the hand mics switched places somehow. That still doesn't explain the in and outness... hmm.

I always like to know what causes problems so we can prevent them. And when you can't figure out why something isn't working... that sucks and I continue to worry.

So while Scott and Steve talk via headset (and Steve is frantically pushing buttons and turning knobs and making the monitors in the booth go off for short periods of time so he can isolate people and making it hard for me to hear the lines that I take cues off of) I'm sitting there going, "Pay attention. I've got to pay attention. Don't get distracted. "

And of course, I end up turning to Steve to ask him something... and whoops... that was a cue right there.

The second fuck up happened when I was watching the show. Like really watching the show. And really interested in it and drawn in. Then I realize that Jeff just started a monologue that has a special. WHOOPS. That cue was... obviously... late.

Today, I'm going to try to make a danish out of cardboard and paper bags. Vicki has mentioned to do this and I totally forgot about putting something in the damn bag until the preview. Nikki held up her bag of danish and with the lights shining on it, you could totally tell that there was, indeed, nothing in the bag.

I could just buy a damn danish and call it a day. Then I'd be able to eat a danish after the show because it would go stale and I could buy another one. Then I could eat that danish. Then I would gain like twenty pounds from eating danishes every night after the show... Fuck it.

But we open tonight. I think we're ready.

Hopefully I don't screw up anymore. The past week, I've felt like I've been doing nothing but screwing up. Not just lights. Everything I do is wrong. It's a really crappy feeling that I hope goes away soon.

Okay. My body needs some chocolate. Brownies for breakfast, anyone?



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