I figured I'd update so Scott wouldn't yell at me.

I'm kidding. He doesn't yell. He just nags... I guess you can call it nagging.

I'm kidding again. He doesn't nag. He pleads with us through email.

Okay. He doesn't plead either.

He just asked us all nicely to update our blogs. So, I'm complying. Because he's cool... you know? And he'd definitely beat me if I didn't do what he said. Ask the others. They'll show you the shoe marks.

Ok. I'm kidding again. He doesn't beat people either.

He's probably reading this and getting really annoyed with me. Scott, I love you!! Hee hee hee. I am so annoying... I know.

Opening week is finished. Great shows. I think. I watch the show from behind. But the back of everybody's head looked really great. I was even indirectly mentioned in the KDHX review. Chris Gibson wrote, "Michael Bergfeld's lighting is well executed."

Maybe that's something they write when they don't know what else to say about a specific element... but Hey! That's my job! I execute the lights! Whooo Hooo.

I'm in a much better mood than last week. I have people (and things) to thank for this. Kimi and Katie, Mike, greasy food and chocolate, Tylenol...

Most importantly, Matt Korinko. He may be miles and miles away but still remains so supportive. He really cheered me up. I wish he could be here with us.

After the show on Saturday, we all hung out and I stayed up till 5am trying to switch my sleep pattern around. Sunday, I went over to Dad's for Father's day and gave him a gift card to Best Buy so he could buy some more crappy "B" movies which he enjoys so much. Tortured my brothers by turning on the Tony's. My family is so lame.

Worked midnights. Decided to quit one of my two jobs. This morning at 4am I drove out to North Co. and put in my two weeks. My last day is July 1st and I will be an employee of just one department... not two. My life will be a lot less complicated. Still in the process for a full-time job. That will probably take a couple more months.

And this blog just totally turned into an update of my life... not the show. Crap.

So with the SHOW...

I'm getting into my groove. I love having a routine before and after each show. I can't wait to do it all over again.

But that's about it. A friend from work taught me about the whole torrent thing and now I'm sitting here downloading megabytes and megabytes of music. It's awesome. I'm listening to In the Heights now. It's pretty damn cool.

I wonder if all this is fucking up Peanut's internet connection... if so, I'm sure I'll get a call sometime soon with him complaining that his free internet just isn't working right. Hehehe.

Kidding. You can freeload off of us anytime. Just kill the freaky bugs when Mike isn't home. That's all I ask.

... And now the whole world thinks our apartments are infested...

They're not. Stupid house centipedes. Seriously, go do a google image search for them. You'll see why I can't sleep on some nights.

I'm done rambling about stuff that doesn't pertain to the show. I'm going to go visit Mom and eat her food since we haven't gone grocery shopping in like... 2 months.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I think the reviewer read your blog, you're mentioned in the review by name now!

Trisha Bakula said...

Wow. You are totally right. Thanks, Chris Gibson!! That's kind of funny and now I feel like an ass or that other people will think I was being an ass. :0) I was just surprised that it was included in the review... usually stuff like that isn't mentioned unless it's totally F'd up. So, you should come and see HiFi not only because the lights are so well executed... hehe.

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