Okay. So, I have this computer training class that my work sends me to. I whine about it but it isn't so bad. I have to sit there and listen to these people teach other people shit that I've been doing over and over and over again for four years. Then we have to take a test. I get paid for it. And it's way closer to my apartment... I get an hour lunch break and 4 fifteen minute breaks.

But the whole building is big on the security thing. We have to wear these stupid badges and ring the intercom to enter and they have to unlock not one, but two doors to let us through. Even the police departments I work for isn't this secure.

Anyway. I'm there with my co-worker and we're bored shitless. They even took solitaire off the damn computers. I bring my little Nintendo DS, but that only keeps me busy for a half hour.

But (Praise God), my co-worker has somehow obtained an employee's user name and password for the Internet. So, there's this little piece of paper with this guy's user name and password being passed around between the people in the back row. Only problem is only one person can be on the Internet at a time.

Anywho. That's how I got to send my nine pages of line notes. Yeah. Nine. It's ridiculous and the cast is doing fantastic.

I mean, these are really tedious line notes. Like, you said "good" instead of "nice."

Or you said "won't" instead of "don't."

So, they are not screwing up everywhere... it's just really fucking specific.

I almost feel like they know when I'm about to make a line note. Like, I don't know if they watch me... but last night, I could swear that Jeff saw me put my pencil down to circle something and totally corrected himself before I could do anything.

I'll try to stay on top of things. When we did Urinetown, I would get behind and end up sending line notes like ten minutes before rehearsal started. Matt Korinko would want to shoot me because he would check his mail on his damn phone and get those line notes... right before rehearsal started.

Korinko really loved his line notes.

Weirdo. :0)

I hope it does end up helping those that actually read them.

That's all I have for now. I'm going to go post Round 4 of my game.

- Trish


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