It's been awhile.

Sorry about that. I've been battling my air allergy and have not been able to breathe or hear properly for a good three weeks now. I hate mold. In fact, that's like the only thing I have been able to smell lately... everywhere.

But we are totally finished blocking. I drew some rather interesting stick figures to help remember some of the poses in "Crying in the Rain." And my records have been utilized, sorta. Sometimes we discover things that I failed to write down. Which sucks.

My job at rehearsal now is to follow along in the book and be there immediately when someone calls "line." I've been doing pretty good, so far. Especially if you consider the fact that I may have a slight case of ADD and sometimes I get distracted and want to watch the show.

Act I went okay. Act II was better. Starting next week, I'll become the Line Nazi (mwuhahaha) and take down meticulous line notes whenever they paraphrase, call line, or use words other than what's written in the script. Scott has mentioned to them that what is written is sacred... ... ... so yes. The line notes will be coming next week.

Amy came in and dressed everybody for PR pics. Michael, the lighting designer has been by to watch the blocking. Vicki has her prop list. And I think David and Jeff are doing their own thing...

That's pretty much it for the tech stuff. For now, anyway.

More to come later!



Panfila said...

This is great info to know.

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