First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting in... almost three weeks. In the time that has passed - I have become involved in rehearsals. My duties include: helping set up/clean up stuff, take very specific blocking notes for whoever needs them, taking notes on other stuff... like props and... (well, if I tell you what I'm making tomorrow, it might spoil some things that happen during Act II... I'm not even sure if it should be a big surprise... hum...), OH! and providing the cast with the appropriate food. (Those drug trip scenes sure make them crave cheese popcorn and starbursts...)

As far as memorization goes, it's all lyrics. I can't feed them lines. They just have to learn their music. And they've been doing really good. "Sexually Free" was the only song that was pretty rough. They sounded something like this:

"Then we'd be free, sexually free!
Free to let eanoam mum na mum dun manum
Andnan a h labum na mum...
Free! Sexually free!
Free to calala hum nala faula lanum
If la nel onanama one mumna elt!
Free! Sexually free!
Free to folllla lolds tho blah lalala munmana elt.
See what it is to be satisfied and unfrustrated,
Free and at liberty to be loved and stimulated
Be unashamedly, sexually liberated..."

It was hilarious. You guys make for some great entertainment.

Meanwhile, I'm taking down meticulous blocking notes.

Usually it's the ol "so and so" X SR
"so and so" X DSC
"so and so" picks up telephone

Not in this show...

Some of my blocking:

All, circle bed clockwise "Disney march" (this is while they are singing about STD's)
Nick gives A1 a brownie
Nick passes joints around
All, form tight clump
Tight clump becomes an "organism" - fluid, slow movements
All, stand, reach for colors
Touch the colors
Isabel gives audience member a lap dance.

Whoops. That one is supposed to be a secret.

That would be fun though... It would also be fun to add "Tripp takes A2's innocence" during "Perky Little Porn Star"

Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks this is funny... Please don't let this stop you from coming to see this show... nobody is going to rape Lawson and Isabel will only give you a lap dance if you pay her...

But, it's been fun. I'll try to post more often.

Peace out,
Scott to the cast during "Morphine Tango" (who is supposed to be a "living organism" and constantly moving arms, legs, etc.)

Scott: Okay, you have to be constantly moving... Right now, it looks like you are waiting for a bus.

Korinko: It's the Morphine bus.


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