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I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I don't think our audience enjoyed the blackout as much as these two little guys.

It sucks because the show was going really well. We had a really great audience last night...

So. I have a nice break between Cue 35 and Cue 36 and so I'm sitting there stringing together some love beads when ... Zzzzrrrrmmmmm.

(That would be the sound of all the electricity going out.)

Matt and I grab our flashlights. We head into the back room where all the dimmers are. I'm wondering if the entire building is out. My board is still running... ready to go... if we get power, we'll be right back where we left off. I won't have to wait for my board to reboot. And that's a cool thing, thanks to our awesome lighting designer and the backup battery thing we have hooked up to the board.

But it doesn't come back up immediately. And the battery back up thing starts beeping at me. Scott stops the cast and tells everyone to sit tight. I follow him out, to see if the rest of the building is out - and sure enough it is. Security is up there with us. They call the Wash U maintenance people... Scott calls Ameren.

It's going to be awhile.

We all go out back to have a smoke, while the cast is leading the audience in song. Chris is one of the first people to notice that the neighborhood behind the soccer field is also out of power. By this time I think we all knew that we weren't going to finish the show.

This is confirmed by Ameren, who says that the power will be out until 2:30am (this means 6am in real person time). Wash U police informs us that someone hit an electricity pole down the street.

Hey thanks, A-Hole.

So, Mike and I go to Ciceros with Dave (the bass player) and his girlfriend Kella... probably two of my favorite people. We have a good time. Have some drinks. Eat a bunch of fried food.

But anyway. I'm about to do some laundry. Mike and I are all out of black.

I just wanted to post about our blackout and apologize.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Peace and Love,


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