It's amazing how normally we would be one week from closing week... and we still plenty of time left. I haven't grown sick of Hair yet and I'm pretty sure I won't. I still see new things every night that amuse me, make me think... there are things that I understand better - like the plot, the characters... It's such an amazing experience.

I'm almost running the show without my prompt book. I know by the end of the run I'll be able to run the show without even opening it up.

I almost posted last week about my little break down at work Sunday night. I think Hair has opened my eyes to see the anger and hatred all around me. It sickens me how humans have no respect for other humans. I won't get into a huge rant... but it did make me feel better getting it all out on to paper. Maybe I could burn it or something.

Mom's coming to see the show on Friday. She's came to a couple of our shows... Superstar, Grease, High Fidelity. She LOVED High Fidelity. I'm pretty sure she won't understand this one and she'll probably be asking Dennis a load of questions through the entire thing... But I know she'll think it was amazing. This is the woman who took me to see Rent when I was fourteen and taught me all the cuss words I know. I love you, Mom!

I thought I had more stuff to say. I guess that's it. I'll return in a few... maybe.... probably.

Peace and love!


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